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R2RAM Недобежкин Михаил Александрович
UA3RPS Колесов Анатолий Николаевич
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Среда-21:00 msk. Частота 145,300 мгц Ведущий UA3RTR
Суббота-09:00 msk. Частота 3,668 мгц Ведущий UA3RA

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2 meters band in danger: CQ solidarity [nuevo] This week a headline has alerted the global radio amateurs community: France plans to kick us out of the popular 2 meters band (144-146 MHz in Europe). The spark that has triggered the alarm is the presentation of a paper on this matter at the CEPT meeting next week (see the source news). Spontaneously, an immediate reaction has begun to spread: let's occupy the 2 meter band on Saturday, June 15, 2019, between 20:00 and 21:00 UTC. EURAO supports this protest action and encourages all hams world wide to show their dissatisfaction with this disgusting attempt, joining the event with QSOs in repeaters, direct and in any mode. Let our voice reach the highest spheres! France proposes 144-146 MHz for Aeronautical Mobile Service The next meeting of the CEPT WRC-19 Conference Preparatory Group takes place June 17-21 in Prague France has submitted a paper with the subject Agenda Item 10 revised proposal for an agenda item for new non-safety aeronautical mobile applications. The paper says: "The list of bands that are proposed for study of possible new allocations to the aeronautical mobile service on a primary basis is revised by adding the band 144-146 MHz, the bands 5000-5010 MHz and 15.4-15.7 GHz being maintained." "The decisions of previous conferences have introduced some restrictions to the use and have imposed constraints on the development of aeronautical mobile applications within some existing mobile allocations traditionally used by the aeronautical mobile applications. At the same time, the number of manned and unmanned aircraft equipped with sensors has grown significantly in the past 20 years together with the need of bidirectional low to high data rate communications. Aeronautical applications like fire surveillance, border surveillance, air quality and environment monitoring, traffic monitoring, disaster monitoring, terrain modelling, imagery (visible, infrared, radar, meteo), video monitoring require non-safety communications between various types of aeronautical platforms. Consequently the need of non-safety data communications between various types of aeronautical platforms increases and so the need for new frequency bands." Download PTA(19)090 France_Proposal on non-safety aeronautical mobile applications at CPG PTA # 7 - 17-21 June - Prague under Meeting Docs
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